CSE 408

Multimedia Information System

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Key Facts

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm - 7:15pm, Fall 2016
Office Hour: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm - 3pm
Office Locations: Brickyard 562
IMPORTANT: Midterm is scheduled on Oct 6th
Tempe BYAC 190
Instructor: Yezhou Yang,


Design, use, and analysis of both traditional and intelligent multimedia systems. An introduction to acquisition, representation, retrieval, mining and visualization of data from visual, textual, acoustic and tactile media.

The course is at the introductory level, with the goals of assisting students to gain fundamental knowledge and skills to conduct further scientific research, advanced engineering work or business management on topics related to multimedia, such as computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent cognitive systems, and robotics.


CSE 310: Data structures and Algorithms

Main programming language: Matlab scripts and Python

We expect the course to be of interest of senior undergraduate and junior graduate students from both Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Game Design and any other related majors.



Aug 18 Introduction Lecture Introduction
Aug 23 Text and Natural Language Processing BasicsHW00 due on Aug 30 6pmPageRank Demo and Reading Material 01
Aug 25 Language modeling and Classification Lecture Web and Text Processing Part One
Aug 30 Language modeling and Classification 2 Lecture Web and Text Processing Part TwoGroup Project 01 due on Sep 20 6pm
Sep 01 Getting started with Matlab or Python Matlab TutorialBubblesort matlab example
Sep 06 Matlab and Python for language processing HW01 due on Sep 13th 6pm
Sep 08 Introduction to SoundLecture Sound Analysis Part One
Sep 13 Sound analysis and processing Lecture Sound Analysis Part Two
Sep 15 Project 01 Group Working Meeting
Sep 20 Matlab for Sound processing HW02 due on Sep 27 6pm
Sep 22 Sound applicationsLecture Sound Analysis Applications
Sep 27 Image basics, colors Lecture Image
Sep 29 Image basics Lecture Image Basics
Oct 04 Image retrievalLecture Image RetrievalGroup Project 02 due on Oct 28 Midnight (extended, now on Nov 4th Midnight)
Oct 06 Midterm Exam Midterm Study Notes
Oct 11 Fall break
Oct 13 Multimedia and Robotics (Guest Lecture)
Oct 18 Final Project proposals presentation Lecture 13 image segmentations
Oct 20 Image processing, segmentation Matlab Image Processing
Oct 25 Project 2 help meeting and graph cutProject 2 help meeting and graph cut algorithm
Oct 27 Image warping and manipulation
Nov 01 Image and Text
Nov 03 Image and Text 2 Lecture Image and Text
Nov 08 Image and Video Compression Lecture Image and Video Compression
Nov 10 Final Project updates presentation and help meeting Group Final Project 03 due on Dec 2nd Midnight
Nov 15 RGBD data basics and processing Lecture RGBD data and processing
Nov 17 Human Pose EstimationLecture Image based Pose Estimation
Nov 22 Project Help Meeting
Nov 24 Thanksgiving
Nov 29 Final Review Meeting
Dec 01 Final Project Presentations


Homework and Projects

HW00 due on Aug 30 6pm

HW01 due on Sep 13th 6pm

HW02 due on Sep 27 6pm

Group Project 01 due on Sep 20 6pm

Group Project 02 due on Oct 28 Midnight

Group Project 03 due on Dec 02 Midnight


Course related resources will be uploaded here

Text Book: Marcel Worring, Lecture Notes: Multimedia Information Systems
Reading Material 01: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
Matlab installation help: All ASU students can downaload MATLAB.