ENEE459P/CMSC498V: Parallel Algorithms, Spring 2008

Time and Location

Instructor: Dr. U. Vishkin

Grader: TBD

Dry Homework

  • Homework 1: Exercises 1-5. Due: Feb 25.
  • Homework 2: Exercises 6-10. Due: March 3.
  • Homework 3: Exercises 11-15. Due: March 10.
  • Homework 4: Exercises 16-20. Due: March 24.
  • Homework 5: Exercises 21-25. Due: March 31.
  • Homework 6: Exercises 26-30. Due: April 7.
  • Homework 7: Exercises 31-36. Due: April 16.
  • Homework 8: Exercises 37-41. Due: April 28.
  • Homework 9: Exercises 42-46. Due: May 7.

    Programming Assignments

  • Tutorial, Manual, Software Tools and Other Information


    The motivation for this new undergraduate course on parallel algorithms is that parallel algorithmic thinking and programming is in increasing demands as multi-cores, and other chip-multi-processing approaches are being deployed. These approaches are in line with the roadmap charted by industry vendors, such as Intel, AMD, IBM and SUN. In the past only the very top undergraduate students were able to learn this material by taking the graduate class. The increasing need implied the broader access provided by this course.

    Course Goals

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    Prerequisite Topics

    Course readings:

    Some Core Topics: