ENEE459P/CMSC498M/ENEE699*: Parallel Algorithms, Fall 2014

* To take the course as ENEE699 (Section 3201) please contact the instructor at vishkin@umd.edu.

Why is it a good idea to take this course?

Serial computers are passe, as practically all computers are becoming increasingly parallel machines. Parallel algorithmic thinking and programming is in increasing demand as parallel machines such as multi-cores, and other chip-multi-processing approaches are being deployed. Much of the core of the computing field is being reinvented for many-core parallelism. However, this is not without problems: the productivity of parallel programming has long been recognized as a limiting factor for parallel computing. While major vendors urge rising mainstream programmers (e.g., every Computer Science and Computer Engineering major) to embrace general-purpose parallelism, the history of parallel computing has taught us that: 1. parallel programming of many parallel machines tends to be quite challenging, and 2. especially when it comes to performance, teaching low-level details of parallel programming is a moving target as machine architecture keeps changing. The traditional computer science and engineering curriculum tends to put its primary emphasis on robust concepts and ideas. We will do the same in the lecture part of the course; the lectures will be devoted to such robust knowledge. However, to ensure that these concepts and ideas are properly understood and put in context, this teaching will be complemented with programming assignments and with discussion of the state of the art.

Time and Venue

Time and Location MW 11:00-12:15. ITV 1100.
Instructor Dr. U. Vishkin.
Instructor's E-mail and Office Hours vishkin@umd.edu, M 5:00-6:00 and Thu 5:00-6:00 (by appointment) at AVW 2365.
Grader TBA

Dry Homework

  • Homework 1: Exercises 1-5. Due: October 1.
  • Homework 2: Exercises 6-10. Due: October 13.
  • Homework 3: Exercises 11,12,14 and 15. Due: October 20.
  • Homework 4: Exercises 21-25. Due: November 17.
  • Homework 5: Exercises 26-31. Due: November 24.
  • Homework 6: Exercises 32,33,35,36 and 37. Due: December 1. Addition only for ENEE699 students: Exercise 34.
  • Homework 7: Exercises 38,41,42,43,44 and 47. Due: December 8.

    Programming Assignments

  • Programming Assignments, Tutorial, Manual, Software Tools and Other Information

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    Some Core Topics:

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