Arranging meetings with me

Arranging meetings with me

My calendar is a bit of a hodge-podge of meetings at different locations (since I have offices both in Linguistics and at UMIACS), remote discussions (via Skype and Google Hangout), and phone calls. The most efficient way to set up a conversation would be to send mail to with cc to me at; please make sure your name and/or a meeting topic is in the subject line.

"Amy" is an automated scheduling assistant with human backup in case the program has trouble understanding your reply. I've been using since their beta testing phase and and have found that most of the time it works just like a human assistant. If this turns out to be a problem for any reason, or if you just hate the idea of robot assistants, please feel free to bail out and mail me directly at Example of an e-mail message:

Subject: Meeting for John Doe with Philip about internships

Would you please arrange a conversation with Philip on April 18 between 11 and 12, 
or April 20 before 10am? I'd prefer to meet in his UMIACS office but I can also 
meet in Linguistics or by Skype. I'd like to get his feedback on my summer 
internship choices.

John Doe

Windows of availability

These are not guaranteed, and the locations aren't definite, but in general they're the first, best bets. If none of them work, you're welcome to suggest alternative times, or just tell Amy something general like "sometime the week of April 18th" and she'll propose some times that work for me.