Course Organization for Linguistics 889, Spring 1997

Course Organization for Linguistics 889, Spring 1997

  1. Goals.
    Goal: By the end of the course, everybody, regardless of background, should be familiar with the relevant basics of computational linguistics (but not all; consider taking Linguistics 645 concurrently) and understand the new trends in corpus-based and statistical methods.

  2. Readings.

  3. Exercises. There will be occasional exercises getting students "hands on" experience, including both on-paper and basic computational exercises, but without any serious programming. All on-line work will be done in a Unix environment.

  4. Mailing list. Questions and out-of-class discussion will be handled using an electronic mailing list. Everyone is encouraged to use this list informally -- not just for official announcements! Watch this space for the address of the list.

  5. Evaluation. Everyone who comes to class is expected to do the readings and participate in discussion. Registered students will have two other responsibilities:

    Course notes