The UMIACS Word Alignment Interface

© Nitin Madnani & Rebecca Hwa, 2004


This is an improved version of the alignment interface that Rebecca Hwa had written when she was here at UMIACS. 
I liked the appearence of the interface a lot but I wanted to incorporate some of the functionality that Blinker 
(another alignment interface written by Dan Melamed) provided. So, I rewrote some of the underlying code to get us 
that functionality.Along the way, I also made some cosmetic changes to make the interface look and behave better 
(e.g., dialog boxes etc).


1) Get the binary:

	Download align.jar
	If you are on a clip-machine, copy over /fs/clip-duster/DUSTer/AlignUI/align.jar

2) Get the data: 
	The interface can be used with any data that you have as long as they are in the proper encodings. 
	The Chinese data needs to be encoded as GB2312.
	For testing purposes, you can use the following data files:

	Download the following two files and put them in the same directory as the interface binary above:

		English Data
		Chinese Data

Prepare your system:



Important Notes:


If you have any questions, technical difficulties and comments, feel free to bug me at nmadnani at umiacs dot umd dot edu.


In no particular order: