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CODEX_APSS Namespace Reference

This namespace holds the class definitions for APSS. More...


class  APSSShareCallback
 This class provides a hook into StateInfo using a standard interface. More...
class  ComputeCallback
 Callback to handle responses to a ComputeMsg request. More...
class  ComputeRecord
 This class stores an ComputeMsg request from a coordinator and its associated response. More...
class  EstablishCallback
 Callback to handle responses to an EstablishMsg request. More...
class  EstablishRecord
 This class stores an EstablishMsg request from a coordinator and its associated response. More...
class  ExceptionBase
 Base class for all exceptions thrown by classes in CODEX_Server. More...
class  BadSecretNumberException
 Exception thrown for an unknown secret ID. More...
class  MissingRangeException
 Exception thrown for a missing CODEX_VSS::Range object. More...
class  ConflictExceptionBase
 Base class for conflicting message errors. More...
class  InitMsgConflictException
 Exception thrown for conflicting InitMsg%s. More...
class  EstablishMsgConflictException
 Exception thrown for conflicting EstablishMsg%s. More...
class  ComputeMsgConflictException
 Exception thrown for conflicting ComputeMsg%s. More...
class  FailureEvent
 Special version of CODEX_Server::ServerResponseEvent for failed requests. More...
class  InitActivity
 Coordinate subshare propagation. More...
class  InitCallback
 This class collects ContributeMsg responses to an InitMsg request. More...
class  InitEvent
 Trigger an InitActivity to establish subsharings. More...
class  InitRecord
 This class stores an InitMsg request from a coordinator and its associated response. More...
class  Message
 This class defines the basic message type, which is serializable. More...
class  SignedMessage
 This templated class defines a basic signed message. More...
class  InitMsg
 This message is sent by a coordinator to begin the APSS protocol. More...
class  EstablishMsg
 The message from a server establishing the subshares it generated from an existing share. More...
class  EstablishedMsg
 This message serves as a response for an EstablishMsg. More...
class  ContributeMsg
 This message is the response to an InitMsg which indicates that a server established sufficient subshares at other servers. More...
class  ComputeMsg
 This message is sent by a coordinator to select a set of subsharings to establish a new set of shares. More...
class  ComputedMsg
 This message demonstrates that a server has accepted a set of subsharing labels and has computed and stored the associated new shares. More...
class  FinishedMsg
 This message is sent by a coordinator to demonstrate that a new sharing has been established, terminating the protocol. More...
class  RecoverMsg
 This message is sent by a server to request missing subshares. More...
class  RecoveredMsg
 This message is sent to a server requesting subshares that have been established. More...
class  MessageDeliverer
 Helper CODEX_Events::Activity for sending messages to servers. More...
class  MessageParser
 Concrete MessageParser. More...
class  MessageProcessor
 Process an APSS protocol request. More...
class  MessageVerifier
 Verify the correctness of APSS protocol messages. More...
class  RecoverCallback
 Callback to handle responses to a RecoverMsg request. More...
class  RoutedMessageEventBase
 Abstract base class for events containing messages from clients. More...
class  RoutedMessageEvent
 This class provides type differentiation for specific APSS protocol messages. More...
class  RoutedMessageHandler
 This defines a handler for RoutedMessageEvent%s. More...
class  SecretManagement
 Management information for a shared secret. More...
class  StateInfo
 This is a singleton class that holds all of the state information that different parts of the APSS protocol need to share. More...
class  TriggerActivity
 Trigger the beginning of an APSS protocol instance for expired secrets. More...
class  TriggerEvent
 This event is used to trigger instances of the APSS protocol. More...


typedef SignedMessage< InitMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed InitMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< EstablishMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed EstablishMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< EstablishedMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed EstablishedMsg.
typedef CODEX_ASN1::Array<
 Serializable list of SignedEstablishedMsg%s.
typedef SignedMessage< ContributeMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed ContributeMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< ComputeMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed ComputeMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< ComputedMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed ComputedMsg.
typedef CODEX_ASN1::Array<
 A serializable list of SignedComputedMsg%s.
typedef SignedMessage< FinishedMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed FinishedMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< RecoverMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed RecoverMsg.
typedef SignedMessage< RecoveredMsg,
 Shorthand for a signed RecoveredMsg.
typedef CODEX_Server::ServerState::ShareType ShareType
 Specify the type of the sharing.
typedef CODEX_Server::ServerState::OneWay OneWay
 Specify the type of the one-way function used for verifiability.
typedef CODEX_Server::ServerState::LSType LSType
 Specify the labeled share (VSS) type.
typedef LSType::LabelType LabelType
 Specify the type of the label, which includes verification data.
typedef CODEX_VSS::SubshareLabel<
 Specify the type of a subsharing label, including verification data.
typedef CODEX_Server::ServerState::WitnessType WitnessType
 Specify the type of the witness for a secret.
typedef CODEX_Server::ServerState::ShareSetType ShareSetType
 Specify the share set type.
typedef deque< LSType * > SharingList
 Type for a list of labeled sharings.
typedef map< SublabelType,
 Mapping from a subsharing label to a set of subshares.
typedef pair< ShareSetType,
 Association of a set of subshares and a label.
typedef vector< LabeledSetSubshareList
 Type for a list of associated subshares and labels.
typedef map< LabelType, SubshareListSplittingMap
 Mapping from a label to a list of subshares and their labels.


enum  MessageType {
  kInitMsg, kEstablishMsg, kEstablishedMsg, kContributeMsg,
  kComputeMsg, kComputedMsg, kFinishedMsg, kRecoverMsg,
  kRecoveredMsg, kBadRequest
 Message types. More...


const unsigned char SignatureMask = 0x80
 Bit 1 is set if the message is signed.

Detailed Description

This namespace holds the class definitions for APSS.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum CODEX_APSS::MessageType

Message types.

Signed message types are not included. There are easily enough bits left over in a single byte for one-bit annotations.

Definition at line 639 of file CODEX_APSS/Message.h.

Variable Documentation

const unsigned char CODEX_APSS::SignatureMask = 0x80

Bit 1 is set if the message is signed.

This is assumed to be an RSA signature.

Definition at line 657 of file CODEX_APSS/Message.h.

Referenced by CODEX_APSS::InitActivity::addEvidence(), CODEX_APSS::SecretManagement::beginRun(), CODEX_APSS::MessageVerifier::handler(), CODEX_APSS::MessageProcessor::handler(), CODEX_APSS::InitActivity::handler(), CODEX_APSS::MessageParser::operator()(), CODEX_APSS::StateInfo::recover(), and CODEX_APSS::SecretManagement::sendFinished().

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