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COrnell Data EXchange (CODEX)

CODEX is a set of packages which implements a secure robust symmetric key distribution service using cryptography-based access control. The binary is codex_server. As a secondary goal, these packages present a flexible framework for constructing additional services, and a clear hierarchy is maintained so that lower-level packages may easily be used without higher-level packages.

The hierarchy of packages is somewhat complex. A rough idea of dependencies can be obtained from the the class hierarchy or the namespace descriptions. In most cases it should be obvious. For example, CODEX_ThresholdCrypto depends on CODEX_Ciphers and the verifiable secret sharing module CODEX_VSS. Since they're all serializable, they all depend on CODEX_ASN1. Almost all packages depend on CODEX_Basics (not a namespace) and CODEX_Exceptions.

CODEX_Events forms the basis for the event-handling system. CODEX_Quorum encapsulates all of the basic networking functionality, with SSL/TLS support added by CODEX_SSL.

At the highest levels, CODEX_Server depends on all generic packages. On top of that are CODEX_Client and CODEX_APSS. CODEX_KeyService depends principally on CODEX_Client and CODEX_Server. CODEX_Binaries (not a namespace) includes the actual CODEX executables.

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