IEEE Latex Macros for Paper Preparation

%template for producing IEEE-format articles using LaTeX. 
%use at your own risk.  Complaints to /dev/null.
%make two column with no page numbering, default is 10 point 
%set dimensions of columns, gap between columns, and paragraph indent 
%I copied stuff out of art10.sty and modified them to conform to IEEE format 
%as Latex cosiders descenders in its calculation of interline spacing, 
%to get 12 point spacing for normalsize text, must set it to 10 points 
\abovedisplayskip 10pt plus2pt minus5pt\belowdisplayskip \abovedisplayskip 
\abovedisplayshortskip \z@ plus3pt\belowdisplayshortskip 6pt plus3pt 
%need an 11 pt font size for subsection and abstract headings 
%make section titles bold and 12 point, 2 blank lines before, 1 after 
\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{1.0ex plus 1ex minus
 .2ex}{.2ex plus .2ex}{\large\bf}}
%make subsection titles bold and 11 point, 1 blank line before, 1 after 
\def\subsection{\@startsection {subsection}{2}{\z@}{.2ex plus 1ex} 
{.2ex plus .2ex}{\subsize\bf}}
%don't want date printed
%make title bold and 14 pt font (Latex default is non-bold, 16pt) 
\title{\Large\bf My Wonderful Article in IEEE Format}
%for single author (just remove % characters) 
%\author{I. M. Author \\
%  My Department \\
%  My Institute \\
%  My City, STATE, zip}
%for two authors (this is what is printed) 
I. M. Author  & M. Y. Coauthor \\
        My Department & Coauthor Department \\ 
        My Institute & Coauthor Institute \\
        City, STATE~~zipcode & City, STATE~~zipcode
%I don't know why I have to reset thispagestyle, but otherwise get page numbers 
\subsection*{\centering Abstract}
%IEEE allows italicized abstract
This is the abstract of my paper.  It must fit within the size allowed, which is
about 3 inches, including section title, which is 11 point bold font.  If you 
don't want the text in italics, simply remove the 'em' command and the curly 
braces which bound the abstract text.  If you have em commands within an 
italicized abstract, the text will come out as normal (non-italicized) text. 
%end italics mode
Here is my introduction text.  There are 2 blank lines before the section 
heading and one afterwards.  Heading text is 12 point bold font.  Paragraphs are
not indented. I may want a numbered subsection, which is done as follows. 
\subsection{Previous Work}
In subsections there is 1 blank line before the section heading and one 
afterwards.  Heading text is 11 point bold font.  Paragraphs are indented one 
pica.  There is no blank line between paragraphs.
Throughout I may cite references of the form \cite{key:foo} or \cite{foo:baz}, 
and LaTeX will keep track of numbering.  The numbers are based on the order you 
place them in the bibliography, not the order they appear in the text.  They 
should (I believe) be in alphabetical order.  LaTex will put square brackets 
about the number within the text of your paper.  For those of you new to the 
bibliography package, you may have to run the latex process twice to allow all 
references to be resolved. You will get a warning about a missing .aux file.  
Just rerun latex and it will be ok.
\section{Summary and Conclusions}
This template will get you through the minimum article, i.e. no figures or 
equations.  To include those, please refer to your LaTeX manual and the IEEE 
publications guidelines.  Good Luck!
%this is how to do an unnumbered subsection 
This is how to do an unnumbered subsection, which comes out in 11 
point bold font.  
I. M. Author,
``Some Related Article I Wrote,''
{\em Some Fine Journal}, Vol. 17, pp. 1-100, 1987. 
A. N. Expert,
{\em A Book He Wrote,}
His Publisher, 1989.