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A Comparative Review of 15mm Figures
With Pictures

By David Kuijt

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Mirliton CC 1, CC 3, CC 4 Italian Condotta


Buying wargaming figures is largely a mail-order business. The range of different figures and periods is so large that most retail stores cannot stock any but the most common sizes and periods. This puts gamers on the horns of a dilemma: the only way they can find out whether or not they like a certain manufacturer's figures is to buy them, and if they find out they don't like the figures they are stuck.

This figure review is intended to be a resource for people who want to buy 15mm figures, but want to know what the figures look like first. Most manufacturers of 15mm wargaming figures are not online. When there are online catalogs, they usually have few pictures, so you are still buying blind. When I have a link to a website supporting a given manufacturer's figures, I'll post that in the header section for that manufacturer below.

The vast majority of the figures in this review are ones I've painted myself. This started out as mostly Medieval European or Middle-Eastern armies, going as far as Persia and Moslem India. Later it expanded to covering a bunch of Dark Ages figures, Steppe nomad figures, Fall Of Rome armies, Mongols, Parthians, Scythians, Ancient Libyans and Midianite Arabs, Early Northern Chinese Barbarians, Marian Romans, and other stuff. Most recently I've painted up Italian Condotta, Post-Mongol Russian, Medieval Hungarian, Gallic/Ancient British. There are even a few fantasy Orcs. The review is constantly expanding as I buy and paint more figures.


What's New
Historical Manufacturers: Essex | Gladiator | Corvus Belli | Grumpy | Irregular | AB | Battle Honors | Chariot | Falcon | Old Glory | Pass of the North | Peter Pig | Mirliton | Museum
Fantasy Manufacturers: Ral Partha | Black Raven Foundry

15mm Miniatures by Grumpy's Miniatures

Catalog or Website: Grumpy's has a nice online catalog with illustrations at their Grumpy's Miniatures website.

General Comments: Grumpy's makes a limited range in 15mm, focussing on areas where other manufacturers don't already have strong ranges. They have a range of 17th/early 18th century Buccaneers, a range of Persian/Afghan/Moghul figures, and a range of Indonesian/Malay figures. Most recently, Grumpy has come out with Chinese, Ming, and Korean ranges that are very nice.

Grumpy's is based in Australia. They do not have a distributor in North America, so I had to order my figs by email to Eureka Miniatures in Australia. This was made quite easy by the fact that you can buy individual figures, and the very fine pictures of the miniatures up on Grumpy's website. Nic Robson of Eureka was very easy to work with, and I received my figs from almost exactly half-way around the world (12 hours time difference) in only six days. Better still, considering the strong US dollar, the figures were very inexpensive -- 32 figs for something like $10, counting postage (comparable price of Essex: $14 without postage).

The European source for Grumpy's figures is Tony Barr of East Riding Miniatures at They have a number of images of unpainted Grumpy figures up on their website.

Grumpy's figs are quite nicely carved, animated, and with good detail and very little flash. About the same as the more active Essex ranges, depending upon your taste; perhaps a little more chunky. They also mix very well with Essex size-wise, which was a major concern of mine. Since you can order exactly the figures and numbers of each you desire, they are excellently suited to DBA armies. The only problem is that the ranges are so specific and limited right now. Grumpy himself, Vic Pocilujko, is sculpting more figures and ranges, but I believe his wife just had a baby recently, so it may be a little while. The focus of his figures will remain on the under-represented armies fighting in Asia and South East Asia; mostly in the 16th/17th Century.

I've included links to the images from Grumpy's website, with Vic's gracious permission to use the links. Thanks, Vic!

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
MAL02 3 bow, quiver, and kilt A Archers (two firing, one reloading). Three figure variations available. Excellent figs. Another view is here.
MAL05 2 spear, sword, and robes A Noble cavalry. Two figure variations available. Nice figs. Another view is here.
PAM01, PAM02 2 mail and robes A Officer/Chieftain (PAM01) and Standard Bearer (PAM02). Excellent figs. The standard has an interesting ball on the end; I'm not sure if this is to be the top of a flag, or what. Clearly I have to buy an Osprey or similar book to figure that out. Image from Grumpy's online catalog.
PAM03 2 bow, sword, turban and robes A Archer firing. There are two figure variations available, only slightly different. Excellent figs. Image from Grumpy's online catalog.
PAM04 2 bow, sword, turban and robes A Archer loading. There are two figure variations available. The two variations are only slightly different from each other, but if you want a more varied pack you can supplement with the PAM03 archer firing figures. Excellent figs. Image from Grumpy's online catalog.
PAM05 2 turban, robes, buckler, spear, sword A Spearmen. Two different figure variations; more noticably different than the variations within PAM03, for example. Another image Here. Excellent figs. Image from Grumpy's online catalog.
PAM06 2 turban, robes, buckler, sword A Swordsmen. As before, two figure variations; one with his sword high, the other low. Back View. Excellent figs. Image from Grumpy's online catalog.

15mm Miniatures by Museum Miniatures

Catalog or Website: Museum has an extensive website here. Many codes have images of the painted figures on their website, and they appear to be gradually adding more.

General Comments: I don't have a lot of Museum figures yet. Initial impressions: their figures are sometimes significantly larger than Essex/Irregular/Gladiator; perhaps closer to 18mm than 15mm. Large enough that many of their figures are too large to be mixed with Essex et al. on the same base without looking awkward and out of place. They are quite well-carved, however. In almost all cases there is only one pose per product code for Museum miniatures. Note also that a single code may appear under several different names in their catalog. For example, PR17 (an unarmoured infantry bowman) appears as "Levy Archers" in the Islamic Persian list. It also appears listed as "Persian Archers" in the Ilkhanid/Timurid list, and as "Mongol Toumans Archers" in the Mongols list, and as "Tartar Archer" in the Ottoman Turkish Rennaisance list. Finally, as a matter of personal taste, I find that the Museum figures in their PR range tend to be a little lantern-jawed. Some of their horses are a bit bizarre, too, although most are fine.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
NS01 1 sling and shield B Slinger, throwing. A good generic slinger figure usable for Balearic slingers.
CA01 1 bow B Cretan or Numidian archer firing bow. A good generic light archer figure. Another view is here.
GL07 1 spears, large shield B Cappadocian foot. Tunic, cloak, Persian/Armenian hat, two spears, large thureophoroi shield.
GL10 1 sword, mail, helmet, shield B Mounted noble cavalry. I'm not certain about the designation yet. A nice enough figure. Another image is here
RC03 1 javelin and shield B- Numidian or Moorish light horse. The horse is a little wonky, but basically OK. Tends to be a flash build-up between the horse's neck and the javelin. Another view is here.
SE14 1 bow B Scythian foot archer. Another view is here.
SE22 1 armour, helmet, spear, bow, sword B Scythian noble cavalry. Another view is here.
SE23 1 spear, sword, and shield B Scythian foot spearman. Other views are here and here.
NC14 1 mail, helmet, lance, cloak, barded horse A Hospitaller knight surcoat and cloak. Painted as a member of the Teutonic Order.
NC18 1 mail, helmet, lance, cloak, barded horse A Brother knight in surcoat and cloak. Painted as a member of the Teutonic Order.
PR15 1 lamellar body armour, helmet, bow B Dismounted Mongol. Fur-rimmed helmet, moustache, lamellar body armour, bow.
PR16 1 mail coif, crossbow B Islamic Persian/Mongol/Tartar Crossbowman. Fur-rimmed hat, moustache, tartar coat, boots. The mail coif doesn't seem too appropriate for Mongols. This figure is a little smaller than most Museum figures. That, plus its slightly hunched pose, allowed me to mix the figure with Essex crossbowmen without visual disparity. A nice enough figure.
MA 18, MA 13, MA 14 1 n/a A Trebuchet. This is a superb model of the human-powered trebuchets used by the Mongols, Mamlukes, and in Western Europe in the 13th century. It is very large -- the base you see it on is 40x80mm, and it sticks out a little on the sides. The figures are a mix of MA 14 (Chinese/Mongol Stone Thrower Crew) and MA 13 (Arab Stone Thrower Crew). Another image is here.

15mm Miniatures by Battle Honors

Catalog or Website: Battle Honors figures are sold in the USA by 19th Century Miniatures; they have a website here. Note that some of the Ancients ranges are designed by Anthony Barton of AB miniatures; in Australia these ranges are available as AB miniatures from Eureka Miniatures. To the best of my understanding, the Battle Honors Sassanids, Greeks, and Camillan Roman ranges are the ones carved by Anthony Barton and available (some places) as AB miniatures.

General Comments: The Greeks are apparently quite large (18mm?) but beautifully carved. The Sassanid range is normal size, even perhaps a bit small, fitting in well with Essex, Gladiator, or Peter Pig. Battle Honors sells its figures quite inexpensively; the disadvantage is that they are sold in large bags (12 mounted, 24 or 48 infantry) which make it very awkward if you just wanted enough archers for two Psiloi elements. My advice: if you don't want a huge bargain bag, you can buy small numbers (even individual figures) from Nic Robson of Eureka (at least in the ranges carved by Anthony Barton).

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
AN12-1 2 fully armoured with lance on an armoured horse A Sassanid Cataphracts. Nice figures; they mix well with Essex and Irregular cataphracts, size-wise. A view of the other pose is here
AN12-2 1 unarmoured horse archer A Sassanid Light Horse. Nice figures; good detail. Only one pose, but in three parts (horse, rider lower body, rider upper body) which allows you to position the rider in a variety of ways. For two examples shown, one is shooting nearly forward and the other at 45 degrees to the left. Another image is here

15mm Miniatures by Chariot Miniatures

Catalog or Website: Chariot UK has a website here. They are available in North America through Sabre's Edge Hobbies and Games. Note that Saber's Edge is in Canada; the prices are in Canadian funds (and so generally significantly cheaper for USA purchase). Neither website has pictures of Chariot miniatures. I've found Saber's Edge very responsive to email questions, however.

General Comments: Chariot is well-known for their Biblical and Ancient period figures. They are a little smaller than Essex, but mix well enough. So far I am pleased with what I've purchased. Note that they are cast of a different alloy than Essex figures -- Essex are cast with some lead in the mix, making them duller and softer; easier to bend. Chariot figures can be a little more brittle.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
ASS21/22 lots bow, camel A+ Arab camel-riders. There are three different camel poses, and at least five different rider poses. The camels are just gorgeous. Very highly recommended.
SUA10 1 Sling. B+ Sumerian Irregular Slinger. Works fine for most Biblical-period slingers. Wearing a goatskin.
HOG13 1 pilum, scutum, sinew helmet C+ This is a good figure for a Spanish Scutari, although the face is a little odd and (like many Chariot figures) he's a bit spindly. Still, a perfectly servicable figure. It is sad that there is only the one pose, though. Mixes well enough with Pass O'the North Spanish. More images are here and here.
??? 1 n/a A This image shows a Chariot "Early Hebrew" army's Ark of the Covenant. The Ark itself, inside the wagon, is scratch-built. I'm not sure what figure codes are involved, sorry.

15mm Miniatures by Falcon Figures

Catalog or Website: Falcon Figures are available through The Quartermaster at They've just updated their website, and some of the figure codes include an image of the painted figures. I expect that they'll be adding more images as time goes on, too.

General Comments: Falcon figures are reasonable quality, and normal size (they mix well with Essex, Irregular, and Gladiator). The ones I have seen aren't as nice as the best work of Josef Ochmann of Gladiator or Anthony Barton of AB, but they are good enough -- better than the average Irregular figure. They are comparable to Essex -- the carving might be not quite as precise, but they are a little more active and energetic in their posing, and mix well. Falcon Figures also sell "Bargain Bags" at a very reasonable cost in addition to their regular codes -- these are a very good deal if you want to outfit a large army, or say six elements of Skythian Light Horse. Further, the CUB range covers a number of civilian figures that you just can't get anywhere else -- Roman and Egyptian civilians, for example.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
CUB2 6 none B+ Viking/Dark Ages civilian figures. Lots of variety, and quite nice. Review below by Chris Brantley: "There is a man with long hair and head band walking briskly with a quarter staff. There is a merchant kneeling over a small chest and several parcels who seems to have a small scales in his right hand. There is a man standing with a long cloak thrown back over his shoulder with his hands on his waist. There are two women, both standing; one with long ponytails and her hands clasped before her, the other draped with a mantle and scarf with her hands at her side. Finally, there is a young girl with flying hair, running forward with what appears to be a long stick in her outstretched right hand. This last pose is a bit puzzling; it could be that she is rolling a hoop with her stick, sans the hoop."
PIC8 1 crossbow, cloak B- Pict crossbowman. Shaggy-haired figure with a crossbow, tunic, beard, and cloak. No shoes. A smidge crude, but nice proportions. Only one pose in the bag. Sorry about the small picture; I'll see about getting a closeup eventually.
MID1 2 camel, bow B+ Two riders on a camel. Nice enough figures. This is the same as MID1a with the addition of another rider.
MID1a 1 camel, bow B+ Single rider on a camel. Nice enough figure. Separate rider and camel.
BBA231 8? various B Shown are some of the poses in a 25-figure Skythian bargain bag of light horse. All are single-piece castings. Another view of two of the poses is here.

15mm Miniatures by Old Glory

Catalog or Website: Old Glory is available online through The Last Square, which has a website here.

General Comments: Old Glory is widely known for producing large bags of inexpensive figures. Their price is hard to beat, about half the going rate for most other manufacturers, and the figures are fairly nice. The problem, especially for DBA players, is this: who needs 48 Balearic Slingers when you're making up a Carthaginian army that has one element of Psiloi? You can't buy the figures in small numbers. When you want a bunch of figures that Old Glory puts all in one bag (Marian Romans, for example, or Gauls) then their bags are quite tempting.

The comments here are based upon the only OG figures I have at this point, a bunch of Gauls. The poses are very active and animated, and they are all quite different from each other. In the bag I got there were 53 figures. There were eight different poses, but the frequency of each pose was highly variable -- three poses only appeared a couple of times each, and one pose appeared 15 times, making up nearly 1/3 of the bag.

The Old Glory figures fit in very well size-wise with Essex, Irregular, and Pass o'the North. My army is a mix of all four, and they look great together. If I had to say what is the nicest characteristic of Old Glory figures (apart from the price) it would be the very active, animated poses. On the flip side, one or two of the poses are a bit TOO active and sometimes a little bizarre.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
GL2 lots spear/sword, shield B Bare-chested warriors. More images are here and here.

15mm Miniatures by Pass of the North

Catalog or Website: Pass of the North has a simple website here. They may be contacted through email at, or by regular mail at: Jeff Caruso, 3449 W.Ford Place, Denver, Co. 80219

General Comments: Pass of the North makes nice figures. Active poses, well-proportioned, and normal 15mm size -- they mix well with Gladiator, Essex, Old Glory, and Irregular. In general the figures I've seen are as well-carved as Essex and more lively and active in poses. Bags are available $9.60 for 24 inf/9 mounted, which is lower than Essex or Gladiator for foot in the USA (both are around 45 cents a foot fig; Pass of the North is 40 cents) and about the same for mounted. Pass of the North is expanding into the Ancients market with Marians and Gauls; they have some DBA army packs. I recommend all the figures I've seen so far; Marian Romans, Ancient Spanish, Gauls, and some Numidians.

Pass of the North has just come out with a number of additional figures; Carthage spear, Ligurian and Carthaginian auxilia, three different Spanish cavalry figures, Spanish and Numidian light horse, Numidian psiloi, Gallic command figures, and a Roman baggage set including two Roman engineer figures digging with shovel and pickaxe! Coming soon are more poses for Numidians and Spanish, plus Numidian Aux.

Most figures come with separately-cast weapons and shields, in beautiful detail. Pass of the North figures are cast in a harder alloy than many manufacturers, allowing very detailed weapons to be cast separately.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
ANC 99 lots varies A Gallic command. Rooster and wild boar standards, a horse-head trumpet blower, command figures -- all look excellent. More images are here and here.
ANC 100 lots varies A Gallic armoured infantry. There is a very wide variety in helmets and heads. infantry have separate shields (three types) allowing a lot of variety in posing. Weapons are separate for all infantry, and come in swords and two types of spear. More images with a mix of "naked" and "armoured" figures are More images are here and here and here and here.
ANC 101 lots varies A Gallic naked infantry. There is a very wide variety in helmets and heads; the warriors are posing fiercely in the all-together. Shields are mostly round, but some other types as well (as shown). Weapons are separate for all infantry, and come in swords and two types of spear. More images with a mix of "naked" and "armoured" figures are More images are here and here.
ANC 102 lots helmet, shield, spear B+ Gallic Cavalry. Poses are all similar, but there is quite a bit of variety in heads and helmets. Three horse poses at the time of this writing. Some additional angles and additional poses are shown here, here, here, and here. I really like these figures; I just wish there was some more variety in shield position, angle of spear arm, maybe some open-handed dudes to take the weapons that PotN makes. If they had that, I'd give them an A rating for certain.
ANC 103 3 mail, shield, helmet, pilum A Marian Legionaries with Coolus helmet. Pila and shields are cast separately, and are very accurate. Other poses have tassels on their helmets; the one shown in the image does not. The same figure from behind is shown here.
ANC 104 1 mail, helmet, spear, shield B Roman Cavalry. One pose; horses as ANC102. Shields and spears are cast attached on the cavalry, unlike the infantry. Another image from behind is here.
ANC 105 8 mail, helmet, sword A+ Roman Command, mounted and dismounted. An image of some of the infantry command figures from behind is here. The three mounted figures use the same horse as ANC102; one of the mounted command is shown in the foreground here and from behind here. Two more of the mounted command poses are shown here. Standards, swords, and shields are cast separately for the infantry, and the results are frankly stunning. An unpainted scan of all the poses in this group is here.
ANC 106 1 sling and dagger A Balearic slingers. Nice, simple figure of a slinger throwing. Significantly better than the Museum Miniatures slinger I recently painted up. Only one pose.
ANC 107 2 shield, helmet, falcata or spear A+ Spanish auxilia. Two figures in very different poses and equipment. Two kinds of shields are provided separately, which is very nice for mixing, matching, and varying poses. The small buckler in the image is actually not the other scuta (big shield) included; it is the large round shield on the far right in this image. The figure holding the large round shield is ANC108. Wire spears must be provided separately. I far prefer to use wire spears when possible, as lead spears are thick, ugly, and too bendable, so that is no burden to me. Several types of swords are also provided in the bag, including a beautiful rendition of the traditional falcata. A front image is here. A simple unpainted scan of the figure, sword, and shield options is here.
ANC 108 4 javelin, buckler, small sword A Spanish light infantry. Small round shields are separate, which is nice for varying poses. Wire spears must be provided separately, as with ANC 107. I used straight pins with the ends clipped off and a dab of gap-filling superglue gel at the point. Since the Spanish infantry used an all-iron throwing spear called a soliferrum, the pin is an easy and realistic spear. Other views of the two figures are here, here, and here. I don't have images of the other two poses, but they are vaguely similar.
ANC 109 5+ mail, helmet, sword, pilum A+ Marian Legionaries with Montefortino helmet. Note that the figure second from left in the image is a Coolus-helmet legionary; the others have Montefortino helmets. The combination of active poses and separate shields makes for a beautiful group. The one minor fault I have with these guys is a side effect of their active poses -- the figures thrusting with sword or throwing pilum are very hard to fit on a 15mm deep base; their weapons stick out behind or ahead. For figures this nice, I don't mind. The same figures from behind are shown here.
ANC 110 3 helmet, shield, varies A Spanish Cavalry. Three poses; three horse poses as well (separate riders). Very nice, especially the scale-armoured fellow. Weapons are separate. Another image is here. More Spanish LH are not yet available yet separately (they're working on more variations) but you can see a preview here with another view here.
ANC 112 ? varies A Carthaginian Auxilia. I've only received this figure as a review sample, so I don't know the number of poses. Very nice figure, though. The shield is taken from a Spanish army and is not representative. Another view of the pose is here.
ANC 113 ? varies A Ligurian Auxilia. I've only received this figure as a review sample, so I don't know the number of poses. Very nice figure, though. The shield is taken from a Spanish army and is not representative. Another view of the pose is here.
ANC 115 1 javelin, shield A Numidian light horse. Horses are separate. There are two horse poses. Weapons are not included (the throwing hand is empty) but household pins with their ends clipped off make excellent javelins. A well-carved, simple figure.
ANC 116 1 shield A+ Numidian Psiloi. Needs a javelin (not supplied) but a simple straight pin with the end cut off is perfect (and very sturdy). I could wish for more poses, but this is a really nice little figure. More poses are in the works, I hear. Another image is here.

15mm Miniatures by Peter Pig

Catalog or Website: Peter Pig has a website here. They are available through Brookhurst Hobbies in the USA. Although Brookhurst seems to be nice people, I have had consistently poor results from email queries from them.

General Comments: Peter Pig figures seem to be a little cruder and smaller than many of the other ranges reviewed. I was quite pleased with their cataphracts, but they turned out to be small enough that they didn't mix well with Essex. Their Midianite figures were a little unfinished for my taste.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
3-4 2 javelin C Midianite Javelinmen. Two poses. A bit crude.
3-5 several bow, camel C Midianite Camel. The camels are OK, but not as nice as Falcon or Essex, and not nearly as nice as Chariot. The humans are a bit crude. There are four or more human poses. They don't fit the camels very well.
3-7 4 lance, mace or sword, lots of armour B- SHC Armoured Cavalry. These are actually B or even B+ figures, but I downgraded them because they are just a bit too small to mix with my Essex and Battle Honours/AB cataphracts. The four poses are the same except for head variants, but the head variants are very nice -- one figure has a mail face screen, another has an ocularium, two more have different open-face helmets. All the horses are identical. Another image and side view is here.
3-8 2 heavily armoured B- SHC Command. There are two distinct poses; one banner holder and one commander gesturing. There are actually two minor helmet variants in each pose, but they aren't different enough to notice without close scrutiny. Comments for 3-7 above apply -- the figures are nice, but a little too small to mix with the other major ranges. Horses are the same as 3-7. A front-and-side image of the two banner bearers is here.
3-30 2+ bow, camel C Midianite Camel Command. Same camels as 3-5, with a pair of leader figures and a pair of standard-bearer figures. The humans are a bit crude.

15mm Miniatures by Black Raven Foundry

Catalog or Website: Black Raven has an extensive online illustrated catalog here. Their catalog has images of almost all their figures, and unlike many catalogs, they show all figure variations that are available within a bag of figures. I'd be very pleased if all figure manufacturers had an online site like Black Raven Foundry's.

General Comments: Black Raven Foundry makes really excellent 15mm fantasy miniatures. Their focus is clearly at a Tolkeinesque environment, which makes me happy. I've bought almost all their orcs. I don't like their Great Orcs so much -- too big and straight, and I don't really want so many Uruks. I might eventually change my mind, though.

I intend to buy the Dwarven Melee unit at some future point. I saw the Dwarven War Wagon pack at Historicon, so I'm reviewing it even though I haven't bought it yet. It is fantastic! I'll buy it when I buy my other Dwarves.

In some of the Black Raven Foundry reviews I am providing a link to images from Black Raven Foundry's public electronic catalog, with permission. If you wish to examine the full BRF online catalog, it is available here.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
FO48-1 14 varied A Orc Melee Troops (with command) (48 figs) Includes 8 poses of regular combat troops (4 spear, 4 sword/club), plus 2 leader figures (one spear, one sword), two musicians (one drummer, one horn) and two banners. A widely varied pack for a reasonable price. Excellent detail on all the figures. A full image of all the figure variations from the Black Raven Foundry website is available here. An image of the six command figures included in the pack is available here.
FO24-1 7 bow, mixed light armour A Orc Bowmen (24 figs) Includes 7 poses in 24 figs (5 shooting poses, 2 reloading). Again, widely varied pack and a good price. Excellent detail. A full image of all the figure variations from the Black Raven Foundry website is available here. (I didn't receive an example of the last fig shown in my pack).
FO12-2 7 varies, medium armour A Orc Wolf Riders (12 figs and 12 wolves) Includes 4 poses and 3 command figs (horn blower, CO, and banner) with three different wolf poses. Again, excellent. A full image of all the contents of the pack is available here. I didn't get an example of the fig with the crested helm and spear in my pack.
FO2-2 n/a varies A Orc War Chariot with Crew (3 figs, two boars, chariot) Huge war chariot pulled by two fierce boars. One driver, one spearman (striking down) and one archer. Lots of scythes and the like. Too big for a 40x40 stand, though -- I put it on a 40x60 (60 deep) stand, and had to leave off the scythes. A full image of all the contents of the pack is available here.
FO8-1 4 varies A Trolls (8 figs). 2 examples each of 4 poses, all fierce and active. Nice figs. I based them 4 to a 40x40 stand.
FO1-1 n/a varies A Dwarven War Wagon with Bolt Shooters and Crew A superb (and massive, and enormous) multiple-level war wagon with heavy ballista, drawn by large musk oxen. Can't wait to buy one. I hope I can get it on a 40mm wide stand! I'm probably going to leave off the wheel scythes -- the idea of this ponderous cart moving fast enough for the scythe to do anyone any damage is rather humorous.

15mm Miniatures by Ral Partha

Catalog or Website: Ral Partha has an extensive website here. Most of their figures are 25mm or 28mm; their 15mm ranges (historical and fantasy) are much more limited. Most of their miniatures are illustrated, although the pictures of the 15mm figures are sometimes not close enough to make out much detail.

General Comments: Ral Partha makes some nice fantasy figures in 15mm, and match well with Black Raven Foundry. Sadly they only sell them in packs of 8-12 figures, without a lot of figure variation within a pack. The carving work and detail of the figures is excellent.

Part # Type and Pose Variety Weapons and Armour Grade Description
11-975 n/a n/a A Orc War Machine. Three figs and a catapult, with a huge skull gunshield and a pile of stones. Fits in very well with the Black Raven Foundry figures. Too big to fit on a 40x40 base; I got it to fit on a 40x60 base, but only barely (taking one of the three orcs off to become a camp worker).

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January 16, 2002. Catching up on backlog. Six new images for Corvus Belli. Four images in Essex added today (and I note that another 8 codes, with about 20 images, was added in August and I forgot to update this "What's New" section at that time). One new code (two images) added to the Biblical section of the Gladiator page, and I note that I had also forgotten to add to this "What's New" the September update of a half-dozen or more Gladiator Biblical codes.

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