Hordes of the Things (HOTT) Armies Page

Warmachine Army for HotT

By David Kuijt

Warmachines Arrayed

Army Composition:

Arcane Ballista The theme for this army is one of magical-mechanical might. An army created by artificers beyond compare. It could be used as a Victorian SF army, or as the field force of a race of magical artifact-creators, Dwarves, Gnomes, or something similar.

With the exception of the Hammerers, who serve as the rank and file PBI of this army, my plan from the start was to have no more than one of any figure. After all, these are individually crafted magical artifacts, rather than mass-produced mechanoids. This makes the army quite difficult to manage -- it becomes tremendous combined-arms, with a tool for everything and not quite enough tools for anything. But hey, it is really fun to play.

I'm planning to get one more Lurker figure, then this army will be finished. That will be 28 points; any of the large-point items can be left out to bring it down to 24 points (throwing out a Lurker also if the Artillery or LWb are unused). The usual General figure is the Wizard or possibly the Behemoth, although other elements are possible.

Army Makeup

Warmachines (27 pts)
1x Warforged Wizard (Magician)
1x Warforged Titan (Behemoth)
1x Flailsmasher ( LWb ; Beast or Blade if LWb rules are not used)
1x Arcane Ballista (Artillery)
1x Steel Predator (Beast)
1x Slaughterstone Eviscerator (Knight)
1x Iron Cobra (Lurker)
4x Hammerers (2Blade)

Large Warband (LWb) is an element type not found in the original rules; we are playtesting it, and so far it seems balanced and reasonable. The special rules for LWb can be found here.

All figures are D&D Miniatures, prepainted plastics. One (the Warforged Wizard) was painted a really ugly set of colors in the original, so I repainted it in a black and purple motif. The stiff plastic used is wonderful for conversions; all the Hammerers originally came in a single pose, but with some careful amputation of the hammer-arm and pinning and regluing, a wide variety of poses resulted.

Most of the figures shown are relatively inexpensive if bought individually through various DDM online sellers. The Hammerers in particular were 19 cents apiece at my favorite reseller. The other pieces run in the $3-5 range bought individually, up to the Arcane Ballista and Steel Predator at the $8 or so range. The Warforged Titan is an expensive figure, running $25, but through use of patience and patience and luck I managed to get it for $12.

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