Hordes of the Things (HOTT) Armies Page

The Unseen University

a DDM Army for HotT

By David Kuijt

Meet the Faculty

Mokundo M'Gasti, Emerald Orb Wizard.

Research interests include Arcane Artifacts, Clairvoyance, and Rithomancy. Visiting Professor on leave from Tirunedek University.

The Blue Hag, Senior Fellow, Institute of Transdimensional Studies.

Research interests include Incantations, Vocal Empowerment, and the Nether Planes. Hobbies are Opera and Pain Management. Currently single.

Oom'lbeeblefurgwapil, Chair, Department of Naming and Transcendentalism.

Research interests include Reintegration, Mentalism, Astral Travel, and Draconic Studies.

Amiddo Suleydys Hakkarin, Senior Fellow, Department of Transduction.

Research interests include Cosmic Restrictions, Metaphysical Limitations, and Temporal Geometry. Awarded the Gehenna Prize for his publication Implications of Temporal Loops and the Grandfather Paradox on the Propogation of Alternate Dimensions.

Andrehar the Black, Senior Professor, Department of Manifestation.

Research interests include Wandcraft, Countermagic, and Duelling. Five-time winner of the Kiprusov Cup for Combat Magic.


Campus mascot. Campus rumor is that Fluffy was a tenured faculty member of the Department of Metamorphoses who transformed himself (herself?) into a giant owl and stayed too long, becoming a victim of MacHearson's Dilemma. Senior faculty refuse to discuss the matter; junior faculty can only observe that Fluffy has a better office than they do. Fluffy subsists on a diet of were-rats.


Home Topography: the Unseen University is transdimensional; its home topography is wherever the Fieldtrip Supervisor deemed appropriate to put a dimensional gate.

Allies and Enemies:

Power corrupts, and magical power creates rivalries among the magical community. As the greatest single locus for magical knowledge and artifacts, the Unseen University is sometimes subject to raids by powerful supernatural entities; they are also often called in to intervene against supernatural attackers. Finally, field trips on research sometimes find themselves forced to defend themselves from locals who don't really understand the greater good that research by the Unseen University brings, and are unwilling to donate their particular artifacts, deities, and spell knowledge to the University without a little subtle pressure.


Most of the figures are D&D prepainted plastic minis. A few have been touched up, especially the faces and eyes and eyebrows. The figures for Oom, Amiddo Hakkarin, and Hsiu-Chen are old Ral Partha metal figures that had been hanging around my house unpainted for 25 years, more or less. Fluffy was remounted on a rod of clear acrylic to take advantage of its flying pose -- a very easy transformation on the stiff plastic of the D&D figures.

Total cost of the figures in this army is perhaps $15, ignoring the three Ral Partha figs.

Basing is paintable bathroom caulk spread on 1/8" MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) with some sand and gravel tossed on while still wet. A heavy brown wash once completely dry, then an off-white drybrush, and finally some reduced woodglue (or white glue) splattered irregularly and some flock.

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