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For Gondor! For Gondor! For Gondor!

Gondor Army for HOTT

By David Kuijt

Gondor at the End of the Third Age

Elements I've got (painted):

I like Gandalf as a Cleric in HOTT much better than classifying him as a Wizard. Clerics have protective powers rather than direct magical attacks; that's very much what Gandalf does in Gondor and in Rohan both. And Gandalf shouldn't get turned into a frog. He he spent the whole of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields acting as a Cleric -- encouraging, resisting evil, etc. etc.. He didn't zap a single "spell" (in the D&D model) the whole time.

I really like the idea of classing the Rangers of Ithilien as Lurkers. It allows them to give some real interest and variety (and bad-going ability) to an army that is basically quite a simple heavy-foot army without any real bad-going power. I've got one more Ranger painted but I need to buy another Ranger to paint up and add to his stand to have two elements of Lurkers for the army.

Eagles appear in the battle at the Gates of the Morannon in the end of the Return of the King. A Flyers element also adds a bit more variety to the fairly simple heavy-foot army without any really wacky elements.


The major enemy, of course, is Mordor. Lots of room for great armies there, from Umbar to Harad to Easterlings to Mordor Orcs to the Pelennor Fields to the Gates of the Morannon.


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