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Earth Elemental Army for HotT

By David Kuijt

Earth Elemental Army

Stronghold: From The Depths Of The Earth


The guiding idea in the Stronghold was David Schlanger's -- having an enormous Earth Elemental Titan bursting out of the ground, summoned by three Stone Wizards.

Earth Elemental Army

An overall view of the stronghold implementation is shown on the left. I created two massive stone arches in the style of Stonehenge, giving the impression of more arches beyond. One Stone Wizard summoner is visible foreground; another partially obscured by the left arch. The right guy is not visible from this angle.

Another view is on the right, showing the birth agony of the Earth Elemental Titan from a different angle. Being forced to do the bidding of Wizards must truly suck.

Army Composition:

The Earth Elemental army is much as you might expect -- a slow, battering, crushingly strong army. An army of power, but little subtlety. It is not generally a bad-going army, but as implemented it has two Lurkers -- a pair of mighty fists of an Earth Elemental, punching through the crust to smash blindly at an enemy. Talk about a good justification for the mobility and ability to appear and disappear at random locations! Strike From Below!!!

I have a bit better than 30 pts worth of troops for this army. The usual makeup is 6x Blade (Galeb Duhr), 2x Lurker (Attack From Below!!!), 2x Phalanx (Elemental Wall), and 1x Earth Elemental Titan (Behemoth General). The Stone Wizard may substitute for one Phalanx and one Lurker; or for the Earth Titan himself.

Home Topography:Elemental Plane of Earth, or whatever topography is native to the Wizard who summoned them.

Phalanx is an element type not found in the original rules; we are playtesting it, and so far it seems balanced and reasonable. The special rules for Phalanx can be found here.

Note that the Galeb Duhr figures (the rank and file Blade thugs of the army) are too large to fit on a Blade stand by themselves, but don't look quite right singleton on a Blade stand (and they cost about 33 cents each, so there is no excuse for cutting the visuals short). So I put them on a slightly deeper base (a Warband-depth base) so they could look right. They're still Blade, they just recoil a bit more.

The Titan or the Wizard can be the General of this army. The Titan hasn't got much of a brain, really, but it works as General because if the Titan is defeated, the magical power of the army is likely to dissipate and the various subelementals are like as not to dissolve into the earth from whence they came.

Allies and Enemies

As magically summoned forces, the Earth Elementals are often arrayed against any who are enemies of a powerful enough Earth Wizard. With that said, they have a natural affinity for fighting other Elemental armies.

Earth Elemental Army


All figures are D&D Miniatures, prepainted plastics. The stiff plastic used is wonderful for conversions; a sharp saw and a utility knife were all the tools necessary for the surgical efforts of amputating two arms from one Earth Elemental Titan for the Lurkers, and for slicing through the body of another to make the diorama for the Stronghold.

Total cost of all the miniatures pictured, when bought carefully on ebay or one of the online sellers who sells single figures, was less than $20.

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