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Air Elemental Army for HotT

By David Kuijt

DS' Air Elemental Army

Army Composition:

Mighty Aerial Two-sword Doom!

Home Topography: Elemental Plane of Air, or the native topography for whichever Wizard currently summoned and controls this force.

The Air Elemental army is (no surprise) an army of Aerials. Two potential army makeups using DDM figures are described below. The first (mine) is a 'pure' Air Elemental army, which is probably quite difficult to win with. At the time of this writing it has played exactly one game, which it won with total dominance, but that is a little small a statistical pool from which to generalize.

The second army makeup keeps the theme, but adds some other elements who provide more variety, more capabilities, and alleviates the crippling pip dependance of the pure Air Elemental army to some extent. In particular, the two shooters are a positive addition in that they allow some combat without movement, and (as they are ground troops) they can move on a single pip.

Allies and Enemies

As magically summoned forces, the Air Elementals are often arrayed against any who are enemies of a powerful enough Air or Elemental Wizard. With that said, they have a natural affinity for fighting other Elemental armies.

Kickbutt Heirophant


My Kinda Carpet.

All figures are D&D Miniatures, prepainted plastics. The stiff plastic used is wonderful for conversions; some quick work with a drill was sufficient to modify the Heirophant (left) and Wizard (right) so they were riding on acrylic rods rather than the original technology.

Page created November 28, 2008.

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