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Army List Assessment
Classification of Big Battle Army Types
Basics of Big Battle Tactics
Command Pip Probabilities
Army Tactical Manuals
Battle Reports
The Roll of Honour

NOTE: This page is under construction; we'll add more files as we get around to it. Don't hold your breath, but nagging us might help.

This page is a collection of essays focussed on Big Battle DBA as described in v2.0 of the DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) wargame rules. Material published herein is the property of the authors, David Kuijt and David Schlanger, the "Two Davids." We are afficionados of DBA, and especially of Big Battle DBA. This page is entirely unofficial and without any connection or endorsement from anyone. Please don't copy any text or images from this page without permission.

  • Army List Assessment: a brief, systematic analysis of every big-battle army list with respect to its effectiveness in open tournaments.
  • Classification of Big Battle Army Types: A list of some of the general army classes we use to describe armies based upon their mix of troop types.
  • Command Pip Probabilities: the odds of rolling high, low, or whatever for a given command on a given bound, and the average pip roll expected, for each of the six different types of command in a Big Battle DBA game.
  • Basics of Big Battle Tactics: a simple primer of the important issues for big-battle tactics, terrain, command structure, command missions, and so on.
  • Tactical Manuals: each tactical manual focusses on one army, and gives a detailed analysis of how to use that army when attacking, when defending, what sort of terrain to put out against which type of enemy armies, and so on. Tactical manuals have been created for the following armies:
  • Battle Reports: illustrated battle reports with commentary.
  • The Roll of Honour: a listing of the various armies we have used in Big Battle tournaments.
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