Natural Language Processing (CMSC 470)


Location Iribe 2207
Time Mon./Wed. 17:00pm - 18:15pm
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Text Speech and Natural Language Processing



Jordan Boyd-Graber
AVW 3153
Office Hours (AVW 3155): Starting Feb. 4, Mondays 15:00 - 16:00 and by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Pranav Goel: AVW 4103, Thursday 16:00-17:00, Friday 15:00-16:00


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due Lecture
Mon 28. January Introduction to the course, Probability, and Python [Video: A B] [PDF: A B]
Optional Readings:
Wed 30. Jan Information Retrieval / tf-idf [Video: A B C] [PDF: A B C D]
Mon 4. Feb Logistic Regression and Naive Bayes [PDF A B C] [Video A B]
  • SNLP Chapter 5.1-5.3
Wed 6. Feb Homework Lab
Fri 8. Feb Homework Due tf-idf
Mon 11. Feb Project Framework / Codalab [Video: A B C] [PDF: A B C]
Wed 13. Feb Stochastic Gradient Descent [PDF A B] [Video A]
  • SNLP Chapter 5.4-5.9
Fri 15. Feb Homework Due NN Question Answering
Mon 18. Feb Neural Networks for Language [Video: Deep Backprop Frameworks Pytorch DAN] [PDF: A B C D E F]
  • SNLP 7
Wed 20. Feb Distributional Semantics (Word2Vec) [Video: A B C] [PDF: A B C D]
  • SNLP Chapter 6
Mon 24. Feb Expo Match I (Students)
Wed 26. Feb Classification and Feature Engineering
Fri 1. Mar Homework Due Logistic Regression
  • SNLP 4
Mon 4. Mar Homework Lab
Wed 6. Mar Neural Sequence Models
  • SNLP 9
Fri 8. Mar Homework Due Deep Averaging Networks
Mon 11. Mar Midterm Review
Wed 13. Mar Midterm
Mon 25. Mar Question Answering
  • SNLP 23
Wed 27. Mar Homework Lab
Fri 29. Mar HW Due Sequence Buzzer
Mon 1. Apr Expo Match II (Faculty)
Wed 2. Apr Homework Lab
Fri 5. Apr Homework Due Machine Reading
Mon 8. Apr No Class: Meet to Discuss Project
Wed 10. Apr Named Entities and Coreference
Fri 12. Apr Homework Due Project Proposal Due
Mon 15. Apr Topic Models
Wed 17. Apr Machine Translation [Video: Word-Based Phrase Neural] [PDF: Word Phrase Neural Ex]
Mon 22. Apr Parsing
Wed 24. Apr Project Workshop
Fri 26. Apr Homework Due First Deliverable
Mon 29. Apr Linguistic Variation / Morphology
Wed 1. May AMA
Mon 6. May Midterm Review
Wed 8. May Midterm II
Mon 13. May Expo Match III (Surprise)
Mon 20. May 16:00-18:00 Final Presentations