I've had the fortune of working with really great collaborators. My students mostly have degrees in computer science. All have fluency in a non-English natural language. As part of our research, they have published first author papers at first-tier conferences (ACL, IMCL, WWW, and NIPS) and first-tier journals (Machine Learning Journal and Computational Biology). They've won competitive positions at Yahoo! Labs, Microsoft Research and Facebook. Several have gone on to academic positions at Stanford, UMass, and Ursinus.

I'm fairly conservative about whom I put on this list (mostly just coauthors and official students), so e-mail me if there's been an oversight.

Current PhD Students

Past PhD Students

People I'm Working with now

Past Collaborators

Current MS Students

  • Wenyan Li

Current Undergrads

  • Shravan Sanjiv
  • Eric Wallace

Past MS Students

  • Davis Yoshida (PhD Candidate, TTIC)
  • Manjhunath Ravi
  • Brianna Satinoff
  • Mohamad Alkhouja
  • Eric Hardisty

Past Undergrads

  • Stephanie Hwa
  • Danny Bouman
  • Henrik Larson

Other Students I've Published With

  • Stephen Bach
  • Vlad Eidelman
  • Anupam Guha
  • Paul Felt
  • Jeff Lund
Jordan's Group