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Current Advisees

Mohit Iyyer

4th year Ph.D.
(co-adv. with Jordan)
Deep learning for NLP

Sudha Rao

3th year Ph.D.
(co-adv. with Philip)
Semantics and machine translation

Past Advisees

(reverse chronologically)

Hadi Amiri

(co-adv. with Philip)
Social media analysis
Now at Harvard Medical School

Amittai Axelrod

(co-adv. with Philip)
Machine translation
Now at Amazon Research

Snigdha Chaturvedi

Ph.D. 2016 at UMD
Dissertation: Structured approaches to exploring inter-personal relationships in natural language text
Now Postdoc at UIUC

He He

Ph.D. 2016 at UMD
Dissertation: Sequential Decisions and Predictions in Natural Language Processing Now Postdoc at Stanford

Cynthia Gan

Undergraduate: Deep neural networks
Now at YouTube

Jiarong Jiang

Ph.D. 2014 at UMD
Dissertation: Efficient Non-Deterministic Search in Structural Prediction
Now at Two Sigma

Dan Goldwasser

Postdoc (2013-14) at UMD
Dialog and belief state, education analytics
Now Asst. Prof at Purdue

Abhishek Kumar

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Learning with Multiple Similarities
Now at IBM Research

Taesun Moon

Postdoc (2011-13) at UMD
Computational analysis of scientific literature
Now at IBM Research

Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Discriminative Interlingual Representations
Now at Google

Amit Goyal

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Streaming and Sketch Algorithms for Large Data NLP
Now at Research Scientist at Yahoo! Labs

Arvind Agarwal

Ph.D. 2012 at UMD
Dissertation: Geometric Methods in Machine Learning and Data Mining
Now at Xerox Research

Piyush Rai

Ph.D. 2012 at Utah
Dissertation: Learning Latent Structures via Bayesian Nonparametrics: New Models and Efficient Inference
Now Ass't Prof and Fellow at IIT Kanpur

Seth Juarez

MS 2009 at Utah
Now at Microsoft Channel 9

Adam Teichert

MS 2009 at Utah
Linguistically informed syntax
Now Ph.D. student at JHU

Scott Alfeld

BS 2008 at Utah
Now Ph.D. student at Wisconsin

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