My pictureCornelia Fermüller

Associate Research Scientist
Computer Vision Laboratory,
Center for Automation Research,
Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
University of Maryland at College Park

A.V. Williams Bldg., room 4459,
College Park, MD 20742, U.S.A.
Office phone: (301) 405-1768
Fax: (301) 314 9115
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My research is in Computational Vision. I am studying from a computational point of view the processes involved in interpreting images. Most of my work has been concerned with obtaining information from video sequences and stereo images. Within this area I have worked on many problems, including the computation of image motion, three-dimensional motion estimation, reconstruction and shape estimation, and segmentation of the scene. There are many areas of technological applications for this research; I have worked on video data bases, robotic navigation and surveillance. My recent efforts have been on the design of new camera systems exploiting multiple views.

From a scientific perspective my work can be seen as the use of mathematics and computation to shed light on the structure and function of the early visual processes in the brain. I have applied my theoretical findings to explain aspects of biological vision, known from Psychophysics and the Neurosciences. For example, I have explained recently a large number of optical illusions. Currently I am working on the feedback loops linking three-dimensional shape, motion and segmentation. I perceive the study of Vision as a highly interdisciplinary activity. Mathematics and computations can tell us what is possible, but we need inspiration from nature on what we should study.