I am currently working as a Computer Scientist with Adobe Advanced Technology Labs, Bangalore, India.

I finished my PhD (Sep 2011) from Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland under Prof. Ramani Duraiswami. Earlier, I completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering in Dec 2008 from University of Maryland with a focus on signal processing and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in July 2006 from College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai with a focus on power electronics.

My research interests are in data mining, social network analytics, web analytics, pattern recognition and computational machine learning. My PhD thesis focused on developing scalable and effective learning methods for problems in various domains including speaker recognition, geospatial interpolation and computer vision. My Masters thesis was on using efficient Gaussian process regression technique for estimating non-linear dynamical models. I also have experience in image processing and power electronics in my undergraduate and early graduate days.

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