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The Skeleton Group

We were the group in our intergenerational design team that worked on developing the "robotic skeleton" for our robot. When we started out we knew it needed to be modular so we could put different animal parts together to make any animal we wanted. We also knew it had to be strong so we could put the "skins and sensors" on each animal part. Below are some pictures that show what we did:

This was what our robot first looked like without any skins or sensors. (Since this picture was taken, we had to redesign the neck 6 times, the base 3 times, and the head 2 times.)


This is our skeleton group hard at work.


This is what our redesigned base looked like. You can see how the fur was sewn right into the LEGO bricks.



In Summary...

We spent a lot of time trying to make the robot skeleton strong enough to support the weight of the skins and sensors. We have a lot more work to do on how our skeleton can move when the software tells it to do something. We also would like to make our robot walk instead of wheel around (but we know there's a lot more to do before we get to that).

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